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this is posting 2 for left column text

Happy Monday :) ...

Just a little pack socialization. ...

Pam Marsh BrustWas this an open event? Ben and I would like to join in when possible.18 hours ago

Good Dog CampNo, it wasn't. I was 'using' chasey and Zoey as a distraction and ten did some socialization with Bailey. I'll let you know when we have an open one :)18 hours ago

Pam Marsh BrustThanks! Just checking to make sure we weren't missing posts..17 hours ago

Kendall SnyderAnnalissa you caught a great shot of Bailey next to me in the distance! A month ago (before your training) I could never have gotten her to come to my side. Meanwhile it appears Amy has the rest of The Gang at her attention17 hours ago

Patrick A. BrownThat's an awesome park!16 hours ago

A little loose leash walking with Ranger. ...

Jerry PorterRanger, you are cuter than a little dog ought to be😊🐢🐱🐱22 hours ago

Shelly ThostensonWe miss that little guy :(9 hours ago

I met with this little (big) cutie the other day. I think Thor is the perfect name for him :) ...

Tanya JohnsonLOVE HIM!!!3 days ago

Cheryl OsborneWhat a perfect picture!3 days ago

Collin ZimmermanMet this guy at the dog park I think. Great dog!3 days ago

Haley GantenbeinI always wondered what Opie had looked like as a puppy. I'd assume it was very much like this! Such a cutie!3 days ago

Liz DickeLove that baby so much!!! Hi Thor!!!3 days ago

Christine Enger DetertLove him! I think I met him a few wks ago at Leashes and Leads3 days ago

Rebecca HubanksOh my goodness!!3 days ago

Patrick A. BrownCute!3 days ago

Mary HouseCutie!3 days ago

George and Grace enjoying a nice walk and practicing their long distance downs. *photo courtesy of Alex Kolyer #offleash #leashlaw #rochmn ...

Jerry PorterπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ5 days ago

Kimberly LangerBeautiful dogs!5 days ago

I think they might fly away! ...

Just a quick update. The public hearing at the city council meeting has been rescheduled to 2nd council meeting in May. ...

Lesson 2 with Sierra. A big pat on the back to her people. They've been doing their homework :) ...

Alex KolyerI want one!1 week ago

Maria Doran ThreatThanks!!!! She loves the cot!3 days ago

Good Dog Camp updated their cover photo. ...

David PrescherWhere is that at1 week ago

Brandon practicing recalls with Scout. #offleash #rochmn #leashlaw ...


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