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A few more of Dart :) ...

Moose working on 'place' ...

Jerry PorterSnuffy wants what Moose is having too.5 days ago

Look who maintained a 'down' for the better part of a lesson. Good job, Dart! ...

Jerry PorterSnuffy wants what Dart's having.6 days ago

I first met Martha 6 weeks ago. She was terrified to move! She wouldn't move off her bed, go for walks, and she would hold her bladder days. I have her person some pointers and now hey want to continue building Martha's confidence. I'm really looking forward to working with this pup. ...

Hilary OttoWhat a little sweetheart! :)7 days ago

Lori Ann ClarkOh my, that is sad, glad she is getting her confidence up!!7 days ago

Holly Lynn JohnsonWas she adopted from Paws and claws!? If so she was such a love!!!7 days ago

Good Dog CampYes, she was from paws and claws, and yes, she's a honey.7 days ago

Jerry PorterYou go Martha!7 days ago

Lindy HankelThank you for adopting to her people and thank you for helping her!7 days ago

Ron WightmanAt'a girl Martha you go for it babe !!!5 days ago

Mary Kay KellerShe's precious!5 days ago

Working on leash manners with Dart. It's a slow process, but we're getting there. ...

Jerry PorterDart looks like you are "sitting on" him but I can't quite tell by where the leash is located. By the way I am "sitting" on Snuffy who could not leave me alone while I sit on the couch. It is preserving my sanity and perhaps Snuffy's life. ;-@1 week ago

Training really never ends. Chasey has been attending our proofing classes for a couple of years now. Today she practiced staying on her place while Amy worked with her other dog, Zoey. ...

Dawn Woolard GeremiaShe's cute!1 week ago

Pam Marsh BrustGood job, Chasey,1 week ago

Rebecca HubanksI love Chasey!1 week ago

Amy DichakShe did really good!!1 week ago

Kim Totsch-GomollHound ears flapping in the wind! So cute!!1 week ago

Griff learning that staying in one place gives him a job to do and therefore he doesn't need to worry (monitor) the things going on around him. ...

Kelli J. Nibbewhat kind of dog is this? very cute1 week ago

Good Dog CampHe's a maltipoo1 week ago

This is cute. ...

Dog puppeteer in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Dog puppeteer in Buenos Aires, Argentina!


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