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this is posting 3 for left column text

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New things are scary to Ellie Mae, but once she has success she will repeat the behavior again and again. #confidencebuilding ...

Mary HouseWhat a good girl. And I totally love Her name! Ellie May!1 day ago

The graduating class :) ...

Jerry PorterGood Dog Camp puppy preschool changed my life with Snuffy. We all achieved different goals thanks to Annalissa and her exquisitely perceptive skills with dogs and people. We are going back for more of the good stuff.3 days ago

Clyde..... ...

When Mulan started puppy class she would hide under the chair. Last week she started to initiate play and had a blast this week. ...

Puppies! ...

I just had share this picture of Isabelle and Shakti. When you have well behaved dogs, you can take them just about anywhere. :) ...

Lee BelfBet the littles aren't with you out and about!!! Haha!!3 days ago

Jerry PorterYep, Snuffy and I want what they got!3 days ago

Mary HouseCutecutecute!!3 days ago

Good Dog CampLee- I'm going to take them out and about just for you ;)3 days ago

Nellene BenhardusAw! Adorable! Has Isabelle learned to love a puppy? :-D3 days ago

Maria OrrThey are adorably adorable. :)3 days ago

SO proud of how well Zivah is doing. At 6 months old she's heeling doing long down stays and place stays with distractions. She's most definitely off to a good start! ...

Good Dog CampAnd she's happy :)4 days ago

Jerry PorterYay, Snuffy and I want what Zivah's having.3 days ago

Leslie TaborI thank you so much Annalissa! So happy and proud of my baby! Can't wait for her next lesson!3 days ago

Charlie will prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks. ;) ...

Miss Gracie stopped in to learn how to walk nicely on a leash and to build her confidence. ...


Text for posting 2 for right column

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