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Good Dog Camp updated their cover photo. ...

Cheryl ClarkCute dog!!2 hours ago

Recall work! ...

Practicing place in our walk today. ...

Jerry PorterSnuffy too.1 day ago

Good Dog CampLove it, Jerry!!1 day ago

It takes a lot to amuse Finley. She's practicing her sit/stay while I stop to do squats on our run/walk today. ...

Pam Marsh BrustOh, that expression is priceless!2 days ago

Good Dog CampMission accomplished ;)2 days ago

Tracy GappaNice work, GDC!2 days ago

Dave CochranThat expression was "why doesnt this 2 legger just pick a spot and poo, and stop squatting everywhere!"1 day ago

Jerry PorterLove that Dave Cochran. I think she is slipping GDC master an evil eye as well.1 day ago

Goldie Mae is such a sweet pup. ...

Finley and Opie practicing down stays outside with a drop leash. Finley is not happy about laying down on something other than her cushy dog bed. ...

I met with Jasper the other day. He's doing great with his training :) ...

Shelly HansenLooks a lot like our Roscoe3 days ago

Anna BjorkWhat a punkin!3 days ago

Kendra and Luke learning how to wait behind thresholds. This is an important skill when guest come to your house or to help keep the pups out of the kitchen while you're cooking. ...

Shakti's first remote collar training session (or at least part of it) ...

Nellene BenhardusYay Shakti! She's so big!6 days ago

Alex KolyerYou're so good.6 days ago

Jeanette Bock KlugherzSo big already!6 days ago

Jerry PorterWay to go you two. I get home today to rejoin with my Snuffy. See you next week for our session.6 days ago

Good Dog CampWe're just conditioning that stim means to look at and follow me. The entire training session was fun. She seemed to enjoy it, which I believe is the goal for any training. Yes- she's getting big! She's about 60# right now.5 days ago

Jack, a border collie, is learning how to run beside the bike with one of his people. I think he did a pretty good job. ...


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