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this is posting 1 for left column text

I think they want something from me. ...

Tracy GappaGive it to them, they are cute!11 hours ago

Pam Marsh BrustChristmas hats?. ; )11 hours ago

Good Dog CampThat's a great idea Pam!10 hours ago

Lee BelfAre they barking at you??? Treats if so!! Thank you, Annalissa!10 hours ago

George WeisbrodI am good at reading dog expressions. They both think if you went back to bed they would cuddle with you.9 hours ago

Taking a moment out of their training session to pose for me. Jerry is dedicated to helping Snuffy be the best dog he can be and has high expectations of him. They're off to a great start (Snuffy is just 7 months old) ...

Kathie DriskellWhat a great place that little guy is doing!1 day ago

Marsha PalmerWhat a cute dog!14 hours ago

Jasper the great goose hunter ;) ...

Jerry PorterGreat photo!!!2 days ago

Shelly HansenLooks almost like Roscoe2 days ago

Kathleen DeanWay to go Jasper!!!1 day ago

Excuse me while I rest my head....on your back. (Charlie and Molly) ...

Angie LangfordHeavy head syndrome gets the best of every dog2 days ago

Leslie TaborIsn't that the sweetest thing!2 days ago

Barbara Baldwin SolbrigThat's my boy! He does that to her many times a day.1 day ago

Bouncy puppy play. Milo - 5.5 mo old bichon and 4.4 mo old Rufus. ...

Jerry PorterIs Rufus a little Snuffy? We will be at proofing today.4 days ago

Good Dog CampYes, he's a little Snuffy. :)4 days ago

Puppy class ...

Jerry PorterGoooo puppies👏🐶👍4 days ago

Jerry PorterPS keep coming back, the fun is just getting started😊🐶4 days ago

Scout is ready to go home and see her family again. ...

Leslie TaborShe is BEAUTIFUL!5 days ago

One of the things I love about my job is watching puppies grow up and mature into well behaved dogs. You can have moments of frustration as your puppy figures out your expectations, but be aware of your goals, create clear rules, exhibit patience, and your pup will become the dog you dream of. ...

Good Dog CampThis is 6 mo Bauer1 week ago

Sherree Burns OlsonGood Dog Camp and as a footnote to your post Hire the best trainer you can find too. Annalissa Johnson You Rock!!!1 week ago

Candace RasmussenSo true Blue' 1st birthday this month, and she is on her way!7 days ago

Alissa CornellThank you so much for training us humans too! 😁6 days ago

Just a reminder- this Saturday. I hope to see you there :) ...

Julie SobolewskiIs this a family friendly event? Or adults and dogs only? My niece is in town and just wondering if we can bring her.1 week ago

Good Dog CampOf course you can bring her :)1 week ago

Lindy HankelGot food? Benny is hungry.6 days ago

Scout would really like me to get the camera out of her face. ...


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