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Molly staying on her place with distractions. ...

It's a great day to get out and about with your dogs :) ...

Catherine SantiagoHi Chuchee and Toby!2 days ago

Good Dog Camp updated their cover photo. ...

Squeaky clean....ok, fluffy clean ;) ...

Alex KolyerSo gorgeous. I just love her!4 days ago

Jaime RossiterI want her!!4 days ago

Laurie WicklerShe is beautiful!!!4 days ago

Alex KolyerI get her first, Jaime!4 days ago

Good Dog CampYou know there's not a chance that I'll give her up :)4 days ago

Alex KolyerI wouldn't either, Annalissa!4 days ago

Jaime RossiterHer and my Berner would be good friends:) Alex showed me ur Berner a while ago and I fell in love!4 days ago

Leslie TaborSuch a pretty lady!3 days ago

Today was bath day at Clip & Dip Grooming and Boarding. A clean and fluffy Isabelle makes for a happy Annalissa :) ...

Emily O'BrienI wanna see a picture!4 days ago

Good Dog CampEmily O'Brien I posted a picture for you4 days ago

No class today ...

Jenny DulasDislike6 days ago

Good Dog CampJenny Dulas were you planning to come to class?6 days ago

Obedience proofing class tonight at 6pm ...

Puppies from class tonight. ...

Kathy Joy Jensen JohnsonYou have such a fun job!!!1 week ago

Sue Bergstrom VanOortSweet!1 week ago

Lynn WightmanYou should do videos! The stills are a bit blurry. Lol. Gotta love puppy energy.1 week ago

Kim Totsch-GomollPitty puppies are so cute!!1 week ago

Leslie TaborI am a little biased but I LOVE that little face! Best thing about puppy class is the passed out pup next me on the couch! ;-)1 week ago

Kathleen MihalyThey are so cute!1 week ago

Shelley DownerI love your job!7 days ago

Chase practicing confidence building skills at the park. ...

Kim Totsch-GomollI love the confidence building exercises! It's so fun to watch the dog blossom!1 week ago

Eric RonningenRemember Sarge? Well he is also full of confidence now too1 week ago

Good Dog CampOf course I remember Sarge :)1 week ago

Eric RonningenSarge was the vocal one1 week ago

Lacey has the cutest little head tilts. ...


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