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Guess who got caught on the other side of the camera today ;) ...

Jerry PorterI know, I know, pick me . . . it's Annalissa after evaluating Snuffy for her Good Dog Camp. Snuffy and I are now eager to get to it. Snuffy believes that if he follows Annalissa's direction he will grow up and be Shakti. ;~)3 days ago

Puppies! ...

Good Dog CampSofie4 days ago

Cindy TudorI see Murphy!!!3 days ago

Well trained dogs just have more fun :) ...

Jerry PorterIs that at Oxbow?4 days ago

Good Dog CampNo. Dogs aren't allowed on the trails at oxbow.4 days ago

Jerry PorterOh good to know :~)4 days ago

Amy DichakT is so BIG!!4 days ago

Flirt ...

Lu HylandLol the look on your puppy is priceless! !!4 days ago

Leslie TaborAww she is such a happy little thing!4 days ago

Debbie LangfordYour dog is so cute4 days ago

Good job today, Dash ...

Mollie Jenningsso pretty!5 days ago

Rue may seem serious, but look at that tail. ...

This should be a fun event. I hope you can make it there. ...

One of them belongs to me. That would be the one that is not listening...... At least she makes me laugh :) ...

Jerry PorterAwwwww, how long will her hair be like that? It is just toooo cute.1 week ago

Leslie TaborI love that your puppy has a naughty side! ;-)1 week ago

Sara J. VinjeThat's a whole lotta cuteness in one picture! :-)1 week ago

Goldie Mae is 18 weeks old and is just a sweet little honey. Her person wants to do therapy work with her and I think she has a great temperament for that job. ...

Jerry PorterHello Goldie Mae, pleased to meet you.1 week ago


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