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this is posting 2 for left column text

I don't have trick or treaters come to my house (I know, party pooper), but of you do, please take some precautions with your dog. ...

Nellene BenhardusSamwise has spent the last month scared of a zombie bride display at a store we frequent. I'm glad to move into November this year.7 hours ago

Jerry PorterI've already made my place look abandoned😜🙀🙀🐶6 hours ago

Radha DeviOptimus has scared away the trick or treaters- little do they know he has a big bark but he's cowering behind the door ...17 minutes ago

Anyone else dressing their dog up for Halloween? ...

Sarah KayYes! Isabelle looks much less thrilled about the horns than Shakti!1 day ago

Jerry PorterSnuffy is being spared this year.;~)1 day ago

Good Dog CampIsabelle is bored with it. Shakti is ready to bite me ;)1 day ago

Pam Marsh BrustBen is adamantly opposed to dressing up Sugar...party pooper!1 day ago

Good Dog CampBen!!!!!1 day ago

Elizabeth DuckettLucy is a turtle :)16 hours ago

They can walk together ;) ...

Haley Gantenbeinyes! :)2 days ago

Good Dog CampHaley, Finley is actually trained to walk on both sides depending on whats going on. It was easier to take a pic of them on my left.2 days ago

Haley GantenbeinI cant wait to actually enjoy taking them for walks!1 day ago

Taking a little break mid walk. ...

Jerry PorterSnuff and I were out there around 430P2 days ago

Mary HouseYour a good Doggie Teacher !2 days ago

This is just too cute. ...

Shake it off! #taylorswift #bubblypaws

Shake it off!  #taylorswift #bubblypaws

These two crack me up!! ...

Rebecca HubanksDo they remind you of anyone??3 days ago

Tracy Gappa#siamesetwins3 days ago

Cheryl ClarkAdorable! What are ;their names?1 day ago

Good Dog CampLincoln and Oscar1 day ago

Jerry PorterJacqueline Martone, are these two not too cute?1 day ago

Oh Snuffy, you're too cute!! ...

Jerry PorterHe sez,"aw shucks, 'sanks."🐶3 days ago

Shelley DownerI seen you working with him yesterday. Pretty dog.3 days ago

Good Dog CampI saw you too! I was going to say 'hi' but needed to finish what I was saying and then you were already in you're truck.3 days ago

Linkin demonstrating 'place' ...

Jerry PorterWay cute and the expression on the face is priceless.4 days ago

Nellene BenhardusAnd so smug about it! :-D4 days ago

Puppies from class tonight. ...

Jerry PorterIs that a little Puckett and a little Shakti?5 days ago

If you are a Good Dog Camp client please feel free to request to join the group (Good Dog Camp Client). This is where you can communicate easily with each other to set up walks and play dates as well as post questions and stories. ...

Joyce KlenkePlease add me. 6 days ago

Natalie GarciaPlease add me too!6 days ago

Sarah KayMe too please!6 days ago

Leslie TaborThat was fast! Sign me up!6 days ago

Good Dog CampI'm trying to figure the group out- I think you can do a search for the group (or friend me and I will add you) -Annalissa6 days ago

Karen PaoneI searched for it and found it6 days ago


Text for posting 3 for right column