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this is posting 3 for left column text

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Charlie will prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks. ;) ...

Miss Gracie stopped in to learn how to walk nicely on a leash and to build her confidence. ...

It doesn't take much to wear them down when it's warm outside. ...

Moose, At 7 1/2 years old, learned how to swim today. Good job buddy! ...

Jerry PorterSo dogs don't inherently know how to swim?3 days ago

Kathie DriskellYay moose! We took Lacey to swim for the first time today too. She was so funny and cautious about jumping in. To the very end.3 days ago

Melissa DomailleSo proud of my little guy! :) <33 days ago

Louie demonstrates a practical utilization of 'place' ...

Miss Annabelle is learning some yard manners. ...

Lindy Linderi think i know that dog!5 days ago

A few of the puppies from class tonight. ...

Give me your best Elvis impression ;) ...

Lindsay Van CuykDoes this count?! Love, Mick1 week ago

Good Dog CampThat's great, Mick!1 week ago

New remote collar strap options :) ...

Amber Rae RisdonOoo! Love the teal1 week ago

Kim Renning-SchroederCan I buy a purple?1 week ago

Jerry PorterWhat is a remote collar?1 week ago

Shannon Butler BrownSuper cute1 week ago

Lu HylandRue and Diesel are chomping at the bit to get to class lol!1 week ago

Heidi Jo HighetI need a new one for CJ and those are cute! Do you have to order them for us or are you stocking them? When can I come get one?1 week ago

Jessica BakerInterested! Let me know how to get a couple. 😊1 week ago

Good Dog CampYes, I'm stocking them. Let me know if you want one and I can either hold that color for you or let you know when I'll be at the studio. These are made from recycled plastic (eco-friendly) and are $12.92 (includes tax)1 week ago

Lee BelfCute!!!1 week ago

Kristen Marie HopkinsAhhh!! Too bad Lucy has an indestructible collar with a lifetime guarantee ;) these are perfect.1 week ago

Cindy TudorOoooo how much? I might want a new one :)7 days ago

Good Dog CampCindy, $12.92 (includes tax)6 days ago

Jessica BakerI'll take a brown for Nicara and Orange for Kyla. When can I stop by?3 days ago


Text for posting 1 for right column

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