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Stop the presses! Look who had an off leash heel session today. Apparently I have been training my dog all along. ;) ...

Jerry Porter'Atta girl Shakti. Well you too Annalissa Johnson😊🐶🐱🐱2 days ago

Alex KolyerWoot!2 days ago

Pam Marsh BrustGood dog!1 day ago

Shelley DownerYou are just that good.1 day ago

Good Dog CampI really advocate that dog training isn't training at all. It's simply living with your dog and being clear of your expectations. Honestly, I rarely make 'training time' for Shakti, we just live together and the rest falls into place.19 hours ago

Jerry PorterSomeday you are just going to have to admit that you are a dog whisperer ❤️🐶❤️18 hours ago

Tracy GappaYou're a natural. I'm #awk #ward.13 hours ago

#tbt Baby Luna ...

Jerry PorterHi Luna, where are you and what do you look like today?😊🐶🐱🐱2 days ago

Shelley DownerSuper Cute!1 day ago

Stephanie CarlsonI am 18 months old now and already have my driver's permit! I am very mature for my age, thanks to Coach Annalissa Johnson!1 day ago

Marcia Ann DobsonWhat a great face!22 hours ago

Millie, who have never practiced 'down' before is doing great outside with minimal distractions. ...

Pam AlvestadBeautiful lab3 days ago

Jess WibbenShe looks like Heidi, Abby . :) Lab or GSP?2 days ago

Good Dog CampMix breed. Lab/Weimaraner they were told.2 days ago

I think Ranger will a little more excited when he sees his people. ...

Jerry PorterThat is not Ranger from Snuffy's puppy class is it?3 days ago

Good Dog CampNo, a different Ranger. This one is only 12 weeks old.3 days ago

Apparently today is National Puppy Day so here's a picture of Shakti and her sister Clio. ...

Nellene BenhardusSorry. I don't believe she was ever that little :-)5 days ago

Pam AlvestadThey grew up so cute3 days ago

Double trouble ;) ...

Shelley DownerWorst dog hair for snow dingleberries!5 days ago

The first moment I met Sierra, I could tell that she had a lot of personality ;) ...

Viesha and Daisy practicing down/stays. ...

Leslie TaborLove seeing these girls doing well!! :-)1 week ago

Sandra ThomsonI was so happy with how well they did off leash at the park!7 days ago

Besties (that is until Ranger outweighs Milo in a few weeks) ...

Lee BelfSo cute!!!1 week ago

Had a great lesson with Shadow today. ...

Eric LundquistWho knows what evil lurks in the heart of man?2 weeks ago


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