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this is posting 2 for left column text

Zoe thinks little dogs need manners as well. ...

SAVE THE DATE! Good Dog Camp holiday open house is Saturday Dec 13, 9-11 am. Whether you're a client or not, I would love to see you. BACB Unleashed will be there with pupcakes and games :) ...

Look who didn't immediately hide when the camera came out today ;) Mallory had a fun class learning new tricks and making new friends. ...

Jerry PorterPleased to meet you beautiful Mallory.2 days ago

Oh boy..... ...

Shelly Thostensonthankful for the warm weather but not the mud!3 days ago

Jerry PorterOh Shiva, you's not so big when your fluff is all wet!3 days ago

Jami Curtis StufflebeamLooks like she is having a ton of fun!2 days ago

Candace RasmussenThat can't be Sheva?13 hours ago

A little fun on this slushy day. ...

Jerry PorterThank you Annalissa, you are a bona fide game changer! That session today changed my winter attitude from one of dread to one of excitement and positive expectation for Snuffy and me. Bless you!4 days ago

Good Dog CampAnd we can't forget about Charlie4 days ago

Jerry PorterRun Charlie, run.4 days ago

Puppy pile! ...

Candace RasmussenBrrrrrr! It looks cold5 days ago

It would seem that Charlie and I share a birthday. Happy first birthday, bud :) ...

Jerry PorterHappy Birthday to you to Good Woman!6 days ago

Leslie TaborHappy Birthday Charlie and Annalissa!!6 days ago

Jamie SchulzHappy Birthday!6 days ago

Cheryl ClarkHappy Birthday sweet boy. We love you. Noni and Cheryl Clark6 days ago

Lori Ann ClarkHappy Birthday!!6 days ago

Lee BelfHappy Birthday, Annalissa!!!6 days ago

Mary HouseHappy birthday you guys!!6 days ago

Katy ColemanHappy birthday Annalissa!4 days ago

Meet Charlie. He's here to learn a few manners while his people venture somewhere warm. ...

Lee BelfGood luck,Charlie!!! Beau and Macie wish you the best!!!!1 week ago

Kelli Kearns Nelsongorgeous boy!1 week ago

Lu HylandLucky people!!1 week ago

Susan Jamsa UpmannCharlie from class? I love him he's hysterical!1 week ago

Good Dog CampSusan, not that Charlie.1 week ago

Cheryl ClarkThank you very much for taking care of our handsome little chewer. Happy Birthday to both Charlie & his wonderful trainer!1 week ago

Andrea WuebkerCan Charlie escape to my house?1 week ago

Ron WightmanHandsome & happy guy 😎5 days ago

Somebody had a rough day playing. ...

Cheryl ClarkAh how sweet.1 week ago

Marin Osterberg KopperLove the Boxers.1 week ago


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