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Great obedience class last night. ...

Emily Pederson LarsonLove seeing my grand dog, Rantin..and Raven!18 hours ago

Puppy class graduates. :) ...

Tess and I had a nice quiet walk around the neighborhood. (Well, Tess was quiet, the other dogs in the neighborhood were not) ...

Hilary OttoShe looks like Molly!1 day ago

Good Dog CampShe also likes to bark like Molly ;)1 day ago

Stephane ChartierOne of Tess's family members here... Happy to hear she is behaving well and learning a thing or two :)17 hours ago

Still working on Martha's confidence. It's going to be a long road, but her person is dedicated and patient. ...

Jerry PorterHiiii Martha, Snuffy is going to join you in one of those pretty collars tomorrow.3 days ago

Dart and Oskar learning how to work as a team and bike together. ...

Tracy GappaLook at that blaze orange tree!1 day ago

Two of them want cookies, the other one wants the fuzzy tail out of her face! ...

Nellene Benhardus. . . and also a cookie?3 days ago

Happiest of woofdays to my wonderful, independent, and sassy girl, Isabelle. ...

Good Dog Camp9 is a pretty big deal for Berners.5 days ago

Ann AllenBirthday woofs to Isabelle from Bullet and Leo! (and me too!)5 days ago

Lori Ann ClarkHappy Birthday Isabelle!5 days ago

Jerry PorterShe could pass for Shakti. That's a compliment Isabelle 😉5 days ago

Alex KolyerHappy birthday iZzY!!!5 days ago

Kathy Joy Jensen JohnsonHappy birthday issy!!5 days ago

Sara KnutsonHappy 9th Birthday :) it is also Kody's 1st birthday today!!5 days ago

Tracy GappaHappy Happy Birthday to Ms. Isabelle!!!5 days ago

Leslie TaborHappy Woofday Isabelle!4 days ago

June AndersonAdorable4 days ago

Stephanie CarlsonHappy birthday dear sweet Isabella!4 days ago

Karen Mathews MasbruchHappy birthday, Isabelle! Aspen sends a hug!4 days ago

Pam MillerWoofing Isabelle a splenDIG BARKday, from Jackson too!3 days ago

THIS makes me happy. I met Sequoia and his people a few months ago. He was very anxious, pulled on the leash, and was a little unsure of some of the antics from their 3 year old son. Today he walks beautifully on a leash, comes when called and is a happy dog that knows his place with his family. #happydog #happypeople ...

Jerry Porter Yep, that's what Snuffy and his human want too.5 days ago

Nellene BenhardusI love that tail!5 days ago

Ty is reminding me that I have treats in my pocket. ...

Nellene BenhardusIt's a good thing to do, as humans often forget ;-)6 days ago

Jerry PorterHow old is Ty?6 days ago

Good Dog CampHe's 106 days ago


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