Lee with Macie & Beau

We went to Good Dog Camp for help when Beau, Macie and I were moving to a new home. After staying with Annalissa for 2 weeks of “boot camp”, my fiance and I were pleasantly surprised to find very well-behaved dogs that listened and followed directions! You really can teach old dogs new tricks!

Bichon/Poodle, 10yrs., and Yorkie-poo, 7yrs.

Elizabeth with Beef

Annalissa not only trained our dog, but educated us as owners on how to handle our big boy, Beef, properly. Undoubtedly, Beef would not be the “Good Dog” he is today without Annalissa and Good Dog Camp. Thank you!

Bullmastif mix, age 8mos.

Alyssa with Elmer

I am so impressed and thankful for all of the hard work Annalissa put in with training Elmer. She truly has a passion for and loves what she does. I highly recommend giving Good Dog Camp a call, and so does Elmer!

Coon Hound