At Good Dog Camp, we think training your canine should be FUN! Not only that, but our training programs are designed to give your dog off-leash freedom and reliability not only at home, but also in the middle of real world distractions. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional dog training services while helping you achieve a remarkable level of obedience with your pet.


Puppy Preschool

Get your puppy started on the ‘right paw’ in their new home. For puppies between 7-16 weeks of age,  we can help you to start laying the foundation for having the good dog you’ve always dreamed of. With this 2-hour one-on-one session at the Good Dog Camp studio, you will learn crate and house training tips, leadership skills, handling exercises, and appropriate games and toys to play with your puppy to boost mental development. We also provide tips and tools to stop puppy play biting and encourage proper puppy socialization skills. This program also offers a basic introduction to obedience by teaching your pup key commands such as start, sit, and wait, as well as their name if he/she is not already familiarized with it. Furthermore, we will also teach you first aid basics, focus exercises, and how to walk  your puppy on a leash.

Group Puppy Classes

Throughout the year, we offer puppy classes in a group setting. Classes are one hour/week for a span of several weeks. Not only will your puppy learn all of the training, tips, and skills as mentioned above in the one-on-one Puppy Preschool session, but your new puppy will also start learning how to socialize with other canines! Watch the calendar or our Facebook page to find out when the next group puppy class will start.

Private Dog Training Lessons

We offer a variety of different dog training programs to fit your needs, expectations and schedule. Our training starts in the Good Dog Camp studio, then we progress to train in the “real world” with all the distractions it has to offer. While we think it’s great for your dog to practice sit, down, and come in your backyard, we hope our clients want to do as much as possible with their dogs, so we will also take them for walks, to area parks, etc.  Regardless of your dog’s age, breed or personality, we can help you build realistic goals for their training and teach you how to maintain your dogs’ behavior in various situations for the rest of their life.

Good Dog Boot-Camp

So you want a Good Dog, but just don’t have time to do training yourself, you’re going on vacation or your dog has some serious behavior issues that need to be addressed? Then the Good Dog Boot Camp board and train program might be right for you. This highly successful program is where your dog will stay and train in our home for 10-14 days. During this time your dog will be safely integrated into Annalissa’s pack, be taught the confidence they need to eliminate previous issues and become the calm happy dog you’ve always wanted. In addition to learning at her house, Annalissa will take your dog on field trips, teaching them how to handle any situation in any environment. Upon your dog’s return, we will teach you what they learned and how to maintain their new skills. Our Good Dog Boot Camp includes follow up lessons so you and your dog can have a smooth transition into a new lifestyle.

Other Programs

We also offer other classes and consultations for the following topics:

  • House Training
  • Helping expectant parents bring a new baby into their dog’s home
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep Class
  • Good Dog Field Trips and Hikes
  • More classes will be announced as the schedule allows


Get started with a FREE demonstration! At Good Dog Camp, we start all relationships with a free demonstration and evaluation with you and your dog. During this visit, you’ll have the opportunity to see Annalissa work with your dog and together, we will discuss our dog training method and philosophy, go over various training packages in more detail, and of course answer any questions you may have. It’s the perfect stepping stone into any of our obedience programs (excluding puppy consultations).
Demonstrations are FREE for all new clients and canines over 16 weeks (and are held at the Good Dog Camp studio — 608 7th St. NW, Rochester, MN 55901), so contact us and schedule yours today!