Training Changes Expectations

BeefI just wanted to give some kudos to Liz.  Her dedication to Beef and his training as well as her desire to share his loving nature with others is amazing and deserves comment.

When I first met Beef Cake (aka Beef) in October he was a slightly out of control one year old puppy.  Liz and Andy adopted Beef in March of last year and were struggling with his training and behavior since having their daughter.  This new little bundle had Beef’s world was turned upside down and e didn’t know what to think of this new addition to the family.  When Liz would lay the baby on the floor Beef thought he needed swat her with is enormous paws.  They were also having some issues with house training and separation anxiety along with a lack of obedience especially in distractions.

At our evaluation Liz and Andy told me they didn’t care if Beef did any fancy tricks, they just wanted him to behave himself and not hurt the baby.  They decided to enroll him in a ten day boot-camp.    Beef learned very quickly and excelled at training.  He has now been back home for about two months and Liz has him walking off leash, coming when called every time she calls him,  and minding his manners around the baby.  She’s told me more than once that she is incredibly happy with his training and that he’s better behaved than she could have ever imagined.  Because of his even temperament and the joy that he brings her and her family Liz wants to train Beef to be a therapy dog so she can share him with other people.

beefheelThe most rewarding part of my job is when I work with people and their expectations change because they are able to see the amazing potential their dog has. I feel honored to be part of Beef’s life and I commend Liz for the extra work she’s put into training him.  I am looking forward to helping Beef pass his therapy dog test in August.

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