A New Year

Who else thinks it seems crazy that another year has passed?  I like to make goals each year while;  most of the time I accomplish those goals sometimes I don’t.  I can, however, tell you that each day I work towards my goals.

With a senior dog with a degenerative neurological disease and an adolescent puppy, I’ve made one of my goals this year to spend time with my dogs.  I should clarify- I am spending intentional time with my dogs.  So frequently our dogs are just there and we take that for granted.  We walk them because they need a walk, but our minds on are on other things whether it’s work or what’s going on with the family.  As we enter 2015 I encourage you to spend time with your dog whether it’s playing a game of fetch, teaching a new trick, or slowing down to enjoy the journey on your walks.


Here’s to an intentional 2015!

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