How I Failed My Dog

I’ve been training dogs for a number of years and my dog Isabelle has been faithfully and willingly by my side.  I’ve had her since she was a puppy and we worked together every day practicing obedience,  agility, tricks or we would go on hiking adventures.  As she has gotten older (she’s now 8.5) and as Good Dog Camp has gotten busier, I’ve started to fail her because I’ve taken for granted that she’s ‘trained’ and that she’s an ‘old dog’ and should be allowed to relax.

Boy, have I been wrong about a few thing with her!  We recently started visiting Katie to rehab a partially torn cruciate and this is when I realized I needed to get back to my dog and give her more of what she needs.  After just 1 session of physical therapy and a week of practicing our homework I could already see a difference in her.  She was learning new things and enjoying it.  (Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?)  Each week she approaches a new task enthusiastically, although clumsily.  The biggest thing that I’ve changed between our previous training routine and our current one is that instead of working 20-40 min, we now work 5 minutes so that she isn’t too tired and doesn’t over compensate for her weak leg.

Keep your eyes open for tIsabelle water treadmillhe anti aging tips for older dogs blog post.

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