Puppy Class

This four week class is for puppies¬† 7-16 weeks of age.¬† You will learn tips and tricks on how to house train your puppy, how to minimize puppy play biting, reduce jumping, appropriate games and toys to play with your dog, fun activities to engage your puppy’s mind, first aid tips, focus exercises,¬†socialization time and we will start a few obedience behaviors.

We will not have class Easter Day, but will resume the week after.

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Getting Your New Puppy Started on the Right Paw

PierrePuppyRaise your hand if you’re one of the thousands of people who got a puppy for the holidays. Congratulations on your new bundle of furry fun! However right now is the time to get started with your puppy’s training. You don’t want him using your house as a toilet, your children as chew toys, or your guests as a mobile bounce house. At Good Dog Camp we offer puppy consultations to help you and your pup get started out on the right paw for a great lasting relationship. The following topics and information are covered:

  • House Training
  • Play Biting
  • Handling Exercises
  • Socialization
  • Appropriate Games and Toys
  • Grooming
  • Leadership Skills
  • Waiting
  • Walking on a leash
  • The steps to take to continue your puppy’s training

All consultations are in-home and last about 2hours. Contact us today for more information and to set up your puppy consultation appointment.

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