Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll admit it, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I mean, how can it not be with the while family together and delicious food all around?  I think this might also be my dog’s favorite holiday as she gets lots of pets from family members while she waits patiently for people to drop food on the floor or turkey to be unattended so she can help herself to a leg (ok, she wouldn’t do that….).

However, for many dogs Thanksgiving can be a stressful event with people coming in and out of the house, children running around, and extra table scraps being tossed their way thus causing stomach issues.  Here are some tips to help you and your furry friend out this holiday season.

Thanksgiving 2013

1) Take a walk before guests arrive.  This will help burn off some extra energy and make your dog a little more relaxed when people show up.

2) Practice ‘Place’   Having your dog go to his bed keeps him from being under foot.

3) Put your dog in a crate or shut them in a different room and give them a toy such a Kong to chew on.  This will help them feel more relaxed and prevent them from running away when the door is opened.

4) Do not feed your dog table scraps.  If your dog is not used to this, it can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.  Most definitely do not feed them turkey bones.

5) Have extra water available to your dog throughout the day.  This is an exciting day and your dog may get thirsty.


Most importantly, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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