Do I Need a Leash on My Dog?

004Well, I did it. I finally went to City Hall and picked up a copy of the ordinances in regards to the leash laws in Rochester MN. Having this information is important to me because a large part of my training is focused on off leash reliability. I don’t want to break any laws and I sure don’t want my clients to do that either, so here it is:

106A.01 Definitions. Subdivision 6 ‘By Command’ means when the owner is walking, jogging or bicycling on public property or private property of another, a dog must be withing six (6) feet of its owner at all times. When on its owners property or fetching and playing on public property, the dog must be visible to the owner and be within thirty (30) feet of the owner or another person responsible for control of the dog. Dog must always return to the owner so that a leash can be attached, on no more than two (2) voice commands. Any dog declared potentially dangerous or dangerous must never be off its leash.

106A.08 (Summary) All dogs and cats must be restrained by being enclosed within a residence, dwelling, business or other structure, within a fence, on a leash or under control by command. Animals that are not restrained are considered “at large” (City of Rochester, MN Ordinance Highlights)

I’m glad Rochester has some rules for dog owners, but also allows us to have fun with them too! A well behaved dog that understands its rules and boundaries earns itself more freedom. Imagine being able to take your canine companion to the park for a game of fetch without worrying that he will run off. If you live in Rochester and want help teaching your dog to be obedient on and off leash around distractions, contact Good Dog Camp and we can make those dreams a reality!

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