TeddyYesterday while I was shoveling my driveway I paused to watch one of the dogs as he played enthusiastically with a tennis ball. It caused me ponder how frequently we get wrapped up in the stress and chaos of our lives that we forget it’s the simple things that can create bliss. Perhaps, we should take a lesson from our dogs. I’m know you have heard about how dogs live in the moment, but have you REALLY thought about what that means? They don’t think or worry about what happened last month, last year, or even an hour ago. Dogs can be SO incredibly satisfied with the simplest things, a tennis ball, a game of fetch, a walk, or a belly rub. When was the last time you woke up in the morning just happy to be alive and ready for the adventure that today may bring? That’s how my dogs wake up everyday. In many ways I envy them. Today let’s strive to find a little bit of bliss in our own lives. Let’s be thankful for our dogs that are always ecstatic when we come home from work, our family that is there, the roof over our heads and little things in our life the we take for granted.

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